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Hello and welcome to my brand new blog, Fighting Against Fitness. As you can see I’m just out of the gym, feeling really tired but with a great sense of achievement. So what’s it all about I hear you ask? Well perhaps the blog title is slightly misleading, an oxymoron if you will. So allow me to explain, over the next few days,weeks, months and hopefully years I will be sharing my thoughts, ideas and personal experiences, and will cover many topics including fitness, health, motivation, training, nutrition etc. My vision is to keep a record of my personal journey towards improving my health and fitness. Initially I had the idea of a video blog, but I decided to stick with what I know best and blog instead. Some of you may know me from my much neglected photography blog which I ran for a number of years. For those of you who don’t, I’m delighted that you stopped by and hope that you will enjoy following my personal journey towards a healthy and improved lifestyle. If my journey helps to motivate or inspire others along the way then that will be an added bonus.

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So for those of you whom don’t know me, Hi my name is Eddie and I am a recently separated father of three brilliant kids whom mean the world to me. Separation is a very difficult time for everyone and one of the things I did to stop myself from going crazy was to start back training in Martial Arts. I grew up with various different disciplines over the years, but it was something that fell to the side with all the responsibilities of being in a marriage and having kids. Luckily a very good friend of mine runs a local club, which I jumped straight into. This was such a wise decision for me on a personal level. It was something to look forward too every week, it lifted my spirits during some really dark times and it was a social outlet as well where I got to catch up with old friends and make some new ones. Well time went by and I realized that I really needed to improve my fitness. I’m going to be 40 this year and being completely honest, I have a huge weight problem. So in addition to my martial arts training I took up walking in the evening after work. It not only helped my fitness, but I also could it helped my mental health. We’ve all had those days, where you just struggle to get through the day and find it hard to cope, right!

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Well here is my solution, ‘WALK IT OFF’, I’m a firm believer in this and can speak from personal experience. There ain’t no better way to deal with your problems when you get snowed under. OK so you might think that whatever issues you left behind will still be there when you get back, and you would be right. But here is the thing, a good walk gets your heart pumping, improves circulation, helps clear your mind and improve your mood amongst many other benefits. So when you do come back to face your problem, you can do it with a clear mind. Trust me it works. Next up after some coaxing from my little sister, I recently joined a local gym. I have previously trained with kettlebells but would not be too familiar with gyms and what too do. So I did an assessment with one of the instructors and have just started a five week exercise  program which I will share with you soon. So there you have it, this is Where I am on my journey. I hope that you will enjoy my blog,im really excited to be Blogging about something that’s important to me. Already I’m plotting future posts. As I mentioned everything will be connected to my journey towards an improved and healthy lifestyle and may include tips, exercise routines, fitness and nutrition, recipes, reviews etc. I’m a big believer in interaction and would love to hear from you if you have any comments, questions, tips or suggestions.
So until next time, take care 😀


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  1. Yayy Eddie!! Excellent and good on ya!! ( to quote an Aussie phrase!??) It will be good on you! Great to hear from you again- I was going to email a cheers and hello hoping all was well. I’ve missed the goth of the ruin hunter but I see the hunt has taken new directions! All the best!

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